March 18, 2009

Three-Country Point

The Vaalserberg is also noted for being the location where the borders of three countries intersect, giving its summit the name of Drielandenpunt ("Three-Country Point") in Dutch, or Dreiländereck ("Three-Country Corner") in German, or Trois Frontières ("Three Borders") in French.The touching countries are the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Between 1830 and 1919 it even was a Vierlandenpunt or "Four-Country Point"; see Moresnet for the now missing fourth one.

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Justified Ancient of Mu Mu said...

This is a good example of how to photograph this location... for a BAD example, check it out on - their photo makes it look like the most boring thing on the planet! I decided to look it up because the subject interested me, I particularly wanted to know why there's a 4th angle marked out at the top right but didn't find an answer.

takenphotos said...

Thank you. For the fourth one please look at the Moresnet article from wikipedia.

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